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Facebook 2021 Algorithm

Why is Facebook organic reach collapsing?

Facebook algorithm is on a 24-7 upgrading & developing routine, a major change happened since the born of Facebook in 2004.
From the invention of the “newsfeed” in 2006 & the like button in 2007 to “What am I seeing this post” feature in 2019.
A lot of happened that we can talk about for days, but that’s now what we’ve created this blog for!

Losing the reach! (Organic)

Looking at the organic reach at the end of 2020, the average reach for an organic post is down to 5.2%, which wasn’t a major decrease when we check the 2019 organic reach percentage, but when you compare it to 2018, you’ll notice the difference as organic reach was 7.7%.

So, is 2021 organic reach still on the “going down” slope?
Meanwhile the average engagement rate for an organic Facebook post was 0.25% and it didn’t stop at this rate, if you have +100k followers, your average rate drops to 0.08%.

In order to understand why the organic reach is dropping you need to understand the algorithm, let’s start with the basics!

Facebook knows what makes you happy!

  • Facebook collects every post available in your network, and it automatically sorts those posts according to the predetermined ranking signals, like the post type, recency, etc.
  • Facebook filters those posts for you according to your past behavior that it has been observing the moment you created your Facebook account, it automatically removes content that you don’t want to see (false information, content that you reported that didn’t like, ads you’re not interested in).
  • After removing all the unwanted content from your feed, Facebook runs a more powerful neural network over the remaining posts to present those posts in a more personalized way based on your browsing routine (likes & dislikes) and then sort those posts in order of your best interest on what you want to see.
  • Finally, Facebook merges those posts to create a more preferable user-experience to the user which is you happy with what you’re receiving on your newsfeed.

Why is Facebook New Algorithm Causing Headaches & Sweats for Marketers!

The fight that started between showing more post from family & friends than paid ads on the user’s newsfeed has always been the talk of so many marketers as it determined a lot of marketing strategies, they used to maintain a successful leads rate to the accounts they’re promoting for.
As this fight went up & down Facebook announced the start of using ML “machine learning” explaining that it’s not a peace cake job to cater the interests of the 2.8 billion Facebook users that refresh their newsfeed daily in order to find more relatable content on their feed.

Changes for the marketing world!

It’s no secret, users will start seeing more posts from family & friends and less from Brand & businesses, but there is still good news, users will still be seeing content from pages & groups they care about, opening the door for influencers & engaging pages to take a bigger part in the ads & leads for businesses & brands.
Marketers will have to abandon the old techniques that they used before and start to play more user relatable strategies to reach their goals coping with the new Facebook algorithms, organic reach for pages will keep on dropping but there are ways that you can maintain a strong presence for your brand on Facebook.

Some Market-Hacks for the new algorithm 2021

1- Always focus on creating engagement, a strong engagement & replies on your content will favor your post to be highly recommended to show up on user’s newsfeed.

2- Prioritize using videos in your ads, videos have proven to be worthwhile for today’s generation although the new algorithm caught this idea & kept it in mind.

3- Don’t stop advertising and pushing ads just because you’re not getting what you need out of it, continuity is a massive reach hack.

4- Use stories, as the stories does not apply to the new algorithm is gives hope for marketers to stay in the game but keep those stories subjective & short as possible.

5- Always use the support of your team social networks.

The New 2021 Facebook Algorithm is here to stay

For you to be able to continue in this business as a marketer, you really should learn more about this algorithm and find the best ways to use it for your advantage, the moment you’re outdated you won’t be in the game no more.
You can either focus on Facebook ads, adjust your organic content to fit the new signals to the new ranking system or just casually do both!

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