How To Boost Your Digital Marketing Conversion Rates Quickly

By Thomas Griffin, co-founder and president of OptinMonster. Entrepreneur, investor and software expert. Helping you be a better leader in your organization.

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. But doing that without a strong strategy isn’t enough for its success.

What’s more important is to be able to use it effectively to reach your conversion goals. This can be to increase your social media followers, grow your email list, boost your sales or whatever your conversion goal maybe.

Without that, your marketing efforts are only going to be a waste of time. After all, you run these campaigns with the hope of boosting your conversions, which can eventually produce profitable revenue for your business. 

Sometimes, you may see the results, but it can be annoying to see how slow your conversion rates are. So, here are some effective ways to get better results for your digital marketing campaigns. 

1. Use Powerful Pop-Ups

A lot of people think pop-ups can be annoying — especially the flashy and super intrusive ones.

However, pop-ups still work and deliver great results. The trick is to design them so that they appear convincing enough for visitors to respond. 

The main idea behind designing great pop-ups lies in the context. If you want your pop-ups to work, make sure they fulfill a goal. Otherwise, they can just be an added distraction to shoo your visitors away from your website. 

Different pop-ups can have different goals. The goal can be to generate leads, get feedback, drive sales, etc. No matter your conversion goal, it’s important for you to choose the right pop-up for your website. By doing that, you can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Your pop-up will only work if it offers value to your audience. Without that, people are only going to ignore them. 

2. Create Urgency

The next powerful digital marketing strategy is to create urgency on your website. By doing that, you can incite FOMO (fear of missing out) in your audience. Most people respond to FOMO, which is a psychological phenomenon triggered by the idea that others are taking part in something you’re not a part of. It makes many people want to seize an opportunity before it runs out. 

Some powerful words that create urgency are “limited offer,” “last time,” “act now,” etc. When your visitors see such words, they tend to respond to them because it pushes them to act. 

So if you are running a sale, it can be effective to show how many products are remaining in stock (e.g., “last five left”). That way, your audience will feel the urgent need to act because they want to take advantage of the sale before the stock finishes. 

But again, it’s important to note that this technique will typically only work if your product or service is valuable, useful or important. 

3. Design Killer CTAs

Your call to action (CTA) is the most essential part of your marketing strategy. A CTA is a word or phrase designed mostly in the form of a button to prompt users to take a specific action.

By using the right CTA, you can easily persuade your users to respond to your conversion goal. Not adding them can only confuse and annoy your users because then they don’t know what to do next. 

A CTA is basically a way to guide your users on what step to take next to get what you’re offering. But it’s important to know that not all CTAs have the power to convert. So make sure you know how to design them for better results. 

The best CTAs will always use action words. This helps your users know what specific action to take. Apart from that, the design of the button matters, too. You need to make use of the white space effectively to make your button stand out. Use a color that contrasts with the overall site so that it makes the button pop.

Also, make sure that your button is optimized for mobile devices. Don’t go overboard with the size. Make it just large enough to be noticed and get clicked. 

4. Have Strong Social Media Presence

Social media marketing plays a major role in the success of your digital marketing strategy. When you have a strong social media presence, you get noticed more often. This will increase your audience’s familiarity with the brand. 

More familiarity means better brand recognition, which again will boost brand credibility. When people start trusting you, they won’t mind purchasing from you. So having a strong social presence is extremely important for an effective marketing campaign. 

Every marketer uses digital marketing to grow their visibility, expand their email list, increase sales and boost their overall conversion goal. But not all see quick results from their campaign. The above tips can help you boost your digital marketing conversion rates super quickly and more efficiently. Once your marketing campaign is successful, earning profitable revenue from your business isn’t tough at all.

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